Cooking Guidelines

Industry standards in preparing lobsters for cooking ensure humane handling and guarantee the flesh retains the best flavour and texture.

For home preparation, stun the lobster by freezing it for 30 minutes or refrigerating for two hours.

If the flesh is needed raw for stirfries or barbecues, remove the lobster from the freezer or fridge and drown by placing it head down in a trough of fresh water for about 20 minutes.

To cook the flesh, plunge the lobster into boiling salted water (400g salt to four litres water per lobster) for about 10 minutes for a 500g lobster (15 mins - 1kg. 18 mins - 2kg. 25 mins - 3-4kg). Fishers prefer to use natural seawater. Seasonings such as bay leaves, thickly sliced lemon, fresh dill and a few black peppercorns can be added.

Once cooked, pierce a small hole in the head and drain. Take the tail section off and pull away from the head in one piece. This way you will have rounds of tail meat. You can also cut the head and take out the intestinal thread.

While lobster flesh is translucent when raw, cooked flesh is white and opaque with orange tinges, and the outer shells turn red. Be careful not to overcook or the flesh will become tough

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